About Us

Purebred Maine Coons had cater for maine coons and other cat breeds for many years but for the past eleven years that we've specialized within the maine coon cat breed, we've tried to become very familiar with our current cats. We started this since March 2003 and that we have worked a superb deal on this particular cat breed.

Purebred Maine Coons breeds beautiful, healthy, well socialized Maine Coons. Our goal is to reinforce the breed with each planned mating so as that they're ready for the show ring or forever loved as pets by their families. Maine Coons are our focus; we do not breed the opposite kind of cat! We are very happy with our new up and coming cattery and feel honored to share this magnificent breed with others.

Our goal is to breed for health/temperament first and do all we will to supply cats that fit within the breed standard! Although size isn't the foremost important thing, it's a definite characteristic of the breed. We are privileged to possess worked with several reputable catteries to get our stud/queens.

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