We offer safe and guaranteed delivery for our kittens with an option of doorstep delivery if you don't want to pick up your kitten at the airport.

Your kitten will be placed in the cabin of the plane in order to ensure 100% safety. Delivery will be handled by a pet delivery agent.

The shipping fee and delivery to your doorsteps are $200 ONLY. As we have a 50% regular customer discount with the airlines we use regularly and you as our own customers are the ones to benefit from this discount.

After purchasing our maine coon, we'll got to send it to you or can come pick it up. If you're located too distant to go to us and devour your kitten, we've a few of options to chose from. We are located very on the brink of the airport and that we ship daily because the airport is merely minutes faraway from our property so this reduces stress on the maine coons. We also offer home delivery whereby your kitten are going to be delivered to your home by an airport argent during a delivery truck design to suit the requirements of your cat. Give us a call so we will discuss what transportation would be right for you and your new friend! you'll get shipping confirmation/tracking numbers once shipping is completed . airlines is that the fastest and safest thanks to transport our maine coons from our place to yours especially during the cooler months. Air cargo are often cheaper, but your maine coon could also be exposed to challenging weather that would put your new cat in danger . Our maine coons are shipped in an airline approved pets crate that we customize counting on the breed, the space or duration, and therefore the number of maine coons. They ride during a special climate controlled and pressurized compartment on the plane which is not any difference from the cabin. they're not within the same compartment because the passenger luggage.

The Purebred Maine Coons Breeders clearly mark the crates with the destination airport, the confirmation telephone number and address of the reciever. once we know that a cat goes to be shipped, we play with them within the crate before shipping in order that they are wont to it. they need never shown fear of the crate. We put many food and many of water within the shipping crate. The water provide all the moisture the kitten need during delivery. One reason we do that is just in case , within the unlikely event the kitten should grind to a halt at an airport overnight (because of flight trouble), we do not need to worry if they need enough to eat or drink. Although traveling isn't that tough on them, we don't wish to make them spend any longer time than necessary in transit. For this reason we also search for the shortest route and always schedule direct flights if possible.

We also check weather at the receiving end and only ship once we consider it safe to try to to so. We put our maine coons health in particular other considerations and don't ship once we feel it might be dangerous to the maine coons well-being. We usually ship Monday through Saturday. We guarantee safe and healthy arrival of your kitten. we'll NOT SHIP if we feel that weather are hazardous for the kitten. Your kitten may take every week to regulate once they get to their new home, sometimes it takes them every week or two to settle in, but far and away , the overwhelming majority of individuals tell us they only step right out of the shipping crate and act right reception .

Airport Staff With Crate

Our mission is to produce remarkable maine coons with exceptional pet quality and specialise in health and temperament. We cannot stress enough the importance of buying a kitten that has been raised by an experienced breeder and during a clean, disease-free, and nurturing environment. Thanks for visiting us.

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